The NGO' s; Turkish Crescent Society, foundation of health and Social assistance and Turkish Women Invigoration Foundation founded Medplast Corp, located in Ankara Çubuk- Güldarpı Köyü, collectively In order to produre healthy, cheap and reliable health equipments. Medplast, started to manufacturing in May 9, 1990 actually.

The Sraw materials of plastic syringes 2cc, 5cc and 10cc are polypropylenc (PP) for cylinder and polyethylene (PE) for piston, appropriate to FDA and DIN 13098 syringe norms, Raw materials are transported from warehouse to manufacturing area automatically, without touching. Hypodermic needles used in syringes are composed of srtainless steel cannul, PP hase and PE convenient to TS 4002 pr EN ISO7864 Packing paper and film are convenient to FDA principles Packing paper is bacterium impern cable according to DIN 58953 Part 2 and 6 and also includes chemical indicator sensitive to Ethylenc Oxide (ETO). Sterilization of single used plastic syringes is made using 90% Ethylene Oxide and 10 % CO2 S gas mixture.

All syringes are manufactured under special conditions according to Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP), requirements of medical sector and legitimate restrictions. For continual improvement in product quality we adopt new technology and aim to zero defect on product, since produced health related product. Our modern production plant and manufacturing area are convenient to GMP (Claas 10.000) and hygienic conditions. Tes on incoming material, in- process, final product and after each sterilization charge are examined in our modern laboratory certifild by Turkish Standards Institute(TSE) .

We are pleased for the service about health in Turkey and proud of that we can serve this sevice to the world.

Syringes us
Using Advantage


Ergonomically rede signed pluger for single hand operation..

Finger grip flanges for better stability and comfort during injection.

Retaining ring: Prevent accidental plunger rod with drawAL.

Srole marking: Accurate gradution suited to user's needs.

Accurary and saffety: Transparent barol.Perfect Luer slip assuring a safe connettion of syrin and needle.Special silicone lubrication ensures that plunger moves smoothly and evenly.

Clear barrel for perfect visualisation of syringe contents.Latex - free stopper: Eliminates completely therisk of allergic recetions to Latex.